Free advice from an expert

You may not always be able to find the information you need about a particular living aid on our website. Is it suitable for my needs or that of a relative? Is it safe? Is there another product that would be more appropriate? To answer questions like these we have set up this completely free advice line so that you can seek expert, impartial advice from our team of qualified professionals.

Our team has the experience to offer help in the following areas:
•  Which products should I consider for my particular needs?
•  Will I need to modify my home in any way?
•  How do I get the most out of the product I'm proposing to buy

How to seek advice

To make use of the service simply fill in the form on the right hand side with your contact information and details of your question. One of our experts will then call you back as soon as possible.

If you prefer to put your question in writing, please send it to the following address:

Customer Care Team
Makerfield Limited
Tippings Farm
Lyndale Avenue
Lancashire BB1 9LP

The expert advice line is run in association with
Healthcare Therapy Services